Angel Snap Bar Wax Melts Bars

Angel Snap Bar Wax Melts

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Scent of an Angel this lovely perfume inspired scent is elegant and luxurious. It has a wicked blend of Exotic Fruits, Caramel and Honey combined with soft notes of Patchouli & Vanilla. Smells similar to the popular perfume*

We recommend breaking off 2 smaller squares (on the 10 section snap bar) or one large rectangle (on the 5 section snap bar) at a time which should last around 12 hours of burn time. Once scent has gone, clean out your burner and make way for another wickedly fabulous scent.


*We are not affiliated with the company of the original scent. Our fragrance oil simply smells similar to the perfume. All original name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These are purely comparisons to explain the scent similarities of our fragrance oils, and are NOT to be confused with the originals.